MPSS is a unique cost effective solution developed by Graphic Prints. MPSS concept basically helps the organizations to understand better and take total control of their printing volume. Every year organizations without actually realizing spend a considerable amount of money on buying new printers/multifunctional devices, consumables, managing inventory and on the manpower to manage and maintain. However with rapid change in the business environment, the technology gets obsolete and printing requirement changes. Then organizations are again forced to buy the printers/MFD, incurring high capital cost.   

Advantages of Graphic Prints’S MPSS concepts:
No capital expenditure-Graphic Prints would deploy their own assets depending upon customer application and print volume.
Zero risk obsoleteness-In case of high volume/applications, Graphic Prints would change or put addition devices.
Customized MIS reports: to help the customer understand the current printing volumes/trends.
Avoid multiple vendors: No need to maintain different vendors for printer/MFD supply, AMC, consumable supply etc. Graphic Prints would be the single point of contact to take care.
Uptime: Highest printer uptime by Graphic Prints in the Industry.
LOW operating cost: Low operating cost compared to in-house set up.
Avoid risk of inflation 
Inventory and logistic support: No maintenance.
Free consumables
Quick deployment/re-deployment
One point contact across India
Service/toner call logging process through-toll free no/email/landline no/mob no

Note: In case the customer has recently bought their own assets, the MPSS services can also be offered on    customer own assets also.